Southern Ontario’s
vehicle training experts.

We love driving. We believe that becoming a professional driver is a noble occupation. Our world relies on us to deliver the things we need and transport people safely on our roads. Modern Training Ontario instructors are experienced truck drivers that understand why driving can be an appealing career choice for many people. They bring their passion for driving well to their work. Our students receive exceptional training. They learn to appreciate that safety and professionalism go hand in hand.

Our Difference

Modern Training didn’t become Canada’s leading driving school by being the same as everyone else. Our difference has helped us and our students stand out and succeed.

One on One Training

All in vehicle training is conducted one and one. One instructor. One student. There’s no audience or time spent riding as a passenger. You always have the full attention of your instructor, so you learn faster while learning in a safe environment.

Late Model Equipment

At Modern Training you only learn on late model, full dimension equipment. 3-4 year old Freightliners equipped with full size sleepers and 53 foot trailers, equipped with all the latest on board technologies. Competitors often use 10-12 year old trucks. Why learn on obsolete equipment?

A Higher

We hold our students and our instructors to a higher standard. Technically, instructors require a minimum of 5 years experience as professional drivers. Modern Training instructors all have over 15 years experience, and our faculty has a combined 160 plus years behind the wheel. Experience counts.

By the numbers

Student Graduation Rate*
Hours of training provided

*Includes both vocational and non-vocational courses